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An Award Winning Shaving Soap/Beard Shampoo

Best shampoo for men
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is being comfortable with your own skin

In a world where media dictates appearance is important – and vanity can be seen as virtuous – it isn’t surprising that words like ‘successes' and ‘virility’ of a true gentleman are synonymous with skin confidence.

THEODORE believes a shower routine is not just about cleansing your body, it is an aura cleansing as well. Your body and mind go through purifications as the water falls down on you. It refreshes your body and mind. As you feel unwind, you may start singing in the shower.
When you lather up with rich conditioning foamy THEODORE fine natural soap in the shower, your hygiene routine then elevates to an indulgent experience. It is a treat to your body and soul.

We created an exquisite, elegant and confidence boosting nutrient dense natural soap with organic ethos in the making process and the masculine scent that you can trust for its quality in deeply cleansing your skin from head to toes, as well as giving your shower routine a sheer rich and indulgent experience, leaving your skin luminous, feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. And that’s the ultimate skin confidence of a man.

You will present your most handsome and impeccable self to the world.


when a man deserves the best.

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Award Winning Luxury Handmade Natural Soap 

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