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Written by Lina Kwok
Founder of THEODORE - London

Pouring Soap

THEODORE Handmade Natural Soap was established with the core belief that humans are natural beings, and that our livelihood came from nature.

“Cherish the natural world because you are part of it and you depend on it”. Sir David Attenborough Quote.

Beautiful skin does not misalign with nature, because whatever you put on your skin, it enters into your bloodstream or lymph and circulates to other areas of the body. The law of the universe states what you put in is what you get.

We also instil the selfless commitment to the community, to promote a product that is benevolent for the society. This premium-quality soap cleanses and revitalise our skin not causing any harm to the surface.

THEODORE creates natural soaps that are strong enough to deal with everyday dirt, grime and sweat but also treats the skin without the addition of harsh chemicals. THEODORE prides itself on the strict use of natural ingredients in which we incorporate organic earth wisdom into the beauty rituals.

The company core values centre around quality, craftsmanship, elegance and attention to detail.

THEODORE soaps are made by skilful master artisans using the finest materials and the most traditional handmade method of cold process and in small batches.

Each bar is carefully crafted and maintain the handmade ethos and organic ingredients to the core of our product offerings. Our artisans are passionate about harnessing the natural resources and formulating the soaps with botanicals, herbs, clays and fruits, all the benefits of nature have to offer to deeply cleanse the skin, remove dead skin cells so skin appears replenished.

It takes time and great attention to detail to create our handmade soap as they carry the hallmark of exceptional quality.

All the soaps are made with organic, cold-pressed and unrefined oils, the oils themselves have not gone through the chemical process.

We uncover the ancient beauty ritual, the secret of Cleopatra in the making. Each bar contains clay, the substance full of minerals with powerful qualities to draw out impurities from the skin and soften the skin and leaving you with a brighter complexion and the therapeutic properties of herbals and plant extract to enhance the skin.

Each bar is also mildly scented with an array of essential oils that evoke the sturdiness of masculinity without overpowering the natural body scent

THEODORE is not a man to do things by half. It is an Old school glamour.

Our design, shape, materials and packaging take the inspiration from the natural world. It also expresses a style, a way of being, a philosophy of life aimed towards contemporary luxury.

The delightful look, shape and natural colour of the soap is elegant atop the soap dish and brightens the bathroom or kitchen sink.

The soap has a floral pattern and the natural colour that connect us to the natural world.  The shape was designed to nest in the palm nicely in order to get a firm grip on the soap.

The product has not been tested on animals, and the packaging is biodegradable and recyclable and friendly with the environment,


What we came away with was a whole new appreciation for our mission statement bringing the power of nature into the daily routine


We give the best nature has to offer…

At THEODORE, we capture the essence of nature in a bar of soap.


When a man deserves the best

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