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Designed with the military in mind, it’s a soap for hardworking men who are covered with grime, dirt and sweat from head to toe.


This soap will meet your high standard to fit your daily regimen. With double actions, it deeply cleanses and rejuvenates your skin thoroughly. A lot of benefits are derived from the soap even though you are only doing a military shower.


The lavender scent lingers as you lather up your skin and the soap intensely moisturizes with a rich hydrating lather that rinses off easily, leaving you to feel recharged and fresh all day, which builds up your confidence that lasts a lifetime. It is the soap that you can count on.

True Blue


Natural Hand/Body and Facial Soap

Greek Yogurt and Kaolin Clay

Trustworthy and Reliable

Mild Alpine Scent

65 gr


English Oak
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