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When a man does not know how to turn on his charm, chances are he does not know how he smells. If he doesn’t know how he smells, he does not know if the energy and vibes he is emitting are seductive or repulsive, in other words, he does not know how to feel comfortable in his skin.


Introducing the Red Rose bar, the essence of modern romance from the THEODORE grooming department, a place to remake a gentleman to be sensual, seductive and suave. Our red hot and sexy soap contain red reef clay from Australia. This natural mineral owes its colour to a high concentration of iron oxide, and it stimulates microcirculation in the blood vessels to wake up the skin, perfect for balancing tired and sensitive skin and creating ultimate hydration and skin firmness.


Drench yourself in these creamy and luxurious love suds. Spice up your shower time with this love potion, a tantalizing pair of crisp red wine with coconut truffles, robust brilliance. The coconut rum entwined with attar rose aroma, adding verve and vitality, seductively indulge your senses, feeling intoxicated with the virile smell of your delectable soft and supple skin. Something magical happens here. Without you realizing it, you are transcending a provocative scent. You are making a maximum impact that lasts for a lifetime to that someone special. It makes you unforgettable.

Somewhere and whenever, as she/he inhales your signature scent, it will conjure up memories and evoke intense emotions, all about you.


Then, the story of a lover’s midnight embrace; sensual, seductive fill with an essence of amour unfolds ‘remembering you.’

And that’s how you anchor someone’s thoughts about you that last a lifetime with your skin confidence.

The Tudor Rose - Lancaster


Natural Hand/Body and Facial Soap

Coconut and Red Reef Clay

The Theodorian Romance

Mild Rose Geranium Scent

80 gr


English Oak
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