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There is a reason as to why men and sports go hand in hand. Playing sports for men is a way to see where you fit in the pack, it is crucial in developing self-esteem and in showing yourself to be a worthy companion; strong, bold, and ruggedly handsome, just like the THEODORE man should be.


This all-star bar, which is made with charcoal and dead sea mud providing an ultra-manly woodsy scent, a true MVP (most valuable player) in the shower. The coal-black bar consists of 100% Dead Sea Mineral mud from Israel. The mud is rich in magnesium, calcium and, potassium that is proven to draw out impurities, toxins and dirt particles to leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and radiant with all your healthy natural oil retained. People travel from all over the world to rub this nutrient-rich Dead Sea Mud over their bodies, and THEODORE brings this all the way from Israel right to your door.


THEODORE knows how to make the most of who you are, we develop this performance-driven soap with double actions to make your skin ‘refresh and revitalise’ for peak performance all-day freshness.


And when the race is run, you are the last man standing.

The Black Knight


Natural Exfoliating & Purifying Facial/ Body /Hand Soap

Dead Sea Mud and Charcoal

Strong, Bold and Ruggedly Handsome

Mild Pine Tar Scent

80 gr

English Oak
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