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Hair and its beauty play a significant role in our identity. It is part of our body that is malleable, you can upgrade or downgrade your look simply by maintaining the health and the style of your hair.

Hair sets the tone for your entire look, as Leonardo da Vinci once stated,” Hair is essential to a face as a frame is to a picture.”


Throughout history, hair has played a major role in our society- it is associated with virility and masculinity in men, a symbol of class and social status, intellectual and cultural representations, fashion, ethnicity, authority and power.


The fact that hair is so important to project our identity, it is regarded as power and strength to a man.


THEODORE, the namesake of the Greek God of beauty takes hair matter seriously. He is distinguished for his eternal beauty, in particular his healthy and lustrous hair, his crown and glory. One beautiful sunny day, he descended from Mount Olympus down to River Thames for a good wash.


He washed his hair with a nutrient dense, richly foaming, pure and soothing shampoo bar containing a medley of Vitamin B (pantothenic acid) from the Greek Yogurt, antioxidant spirulina algae, rosemary extract, jojoba and argan oils with beauty power embodied in it to maintain lustre in his hair with full of volume, leaving a clean scalp and heavenly fresh scent of rainforest.


As he leaned upon the water, he saw himself in the bloom of youth and became entranced by it, he had fallen deeply in love with his own reflection. Soon, several nymphs inhabited in the river enchanted by his gorgeous look and flocked around him.


He leaves a beauty pearl of wisdom that has stood the test of time, that a man needs to practice self-care and self-love for overall wellbeing and happiness.


Hair is directly aligned with how you feel about yourself, because a bad hair day equals a bad day.


Emperor Rudy


Natural Shampoo Bar

Greek Yogurt, Spirulina Algae, Argan Oil

Lush and Lustrous

Mild Rainforest Scent

75 gr

English Oak
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