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THEODORE believes every shower is an indulgent experience and a time to unwind. It is a treat to your skin and soul.


Fill your life with scent and deep cleansing luxurious lathering shower with British Bespoke THEODORE Natural Soap. Create an individual statement.


This exquisite and elegant green foliage bar of green algae, green clay and avocado pulp was crafted to optimize the nutritional benefits, infusing skin with a treasury of vitamins, natural botanicals and antioxidants to activate healthy-looking wellness and blossoming skin. The soap cleanses with an emollient-rich lather, deeply purifying and maximum hydration.


As you lather up with the English Oak bar, the foliage shape and its green colour creates a woodland vibe. With the sound of the gushing water stream and the sweet herbal and woodsy scents linger in, evoking memories in the rainforest with tranquility and serenity surroundings, bringing you close to nature.

The English Oak


Natural Hand/Body and Facial Soap

Avocado, Chlorella Algae & French Green Clay

Prestige and Worthiness

Mild Oakmoss Scent

90 gr


English Oak
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