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Best Buy Winner  in the Body and Bath category, The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2022.


This award winning multi-functional bar is engineered to work as a shaving soap, face cleanser, beard wash, body and hand wash. THEODORE is on the quest to make the best a man can be. Whether you prefer clean-shaven or with a beard or whatever your style is, this all-natural soap will add an impact on making the best version of you; to make you look sharp and good.


Created to give the best combination of shaving performance with ultra-masculine scents that defines you as a man, each bar features on two sides; refresh and revitalise your skin.

This delightfully unique bar is a re-creation of ancient beauty rituals, dated back to the 8th century in North Africa. It contains luxuriant superfine Moroccan clay, which is nutrient-dense and rich in minerals and highly esteemed around the world for cleansing, exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin properties. Inspired by the English Greyhound, the champion sprinter of dogdom of all time, this rare, exquisite, distinct quality and high performance bar was born.


The all-natural ingredients, richly foamy, smooth lubricating bar, combined with a concoction of citrusy, woodsy and sexy scents let the razor glides flawlessly across your face with ease without dragging and so reduces razor rash, leaving your skin supple, balanced and refreshed.


The English Greyhound


Natural Shaving Soap/ Beard Shampoo

Charcoal and Moroccan Clay

Reclaimed and Recharged

Mild Coal Tar Scent

65 gr

English Oak
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