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A perfect home for your bar of natural soap, this stainless steel soap dish will complement any bathroom suite with conspicuous grace.


It is round with a reassuringly weighty, sturdy base and a recess in the soap dish to keep a slippery soap in place. The clean lines and brilliant shine lend it an elegant and minimalist feel. 

ORBIT Stainless Steel Soap Dish


Natural soap generally has a softer texture than commercial soap due to the glycerin naturally produced in the soap making process, therefore to preserve the life of your luxury soap, it needs to rest on a perforated soap dish that allows the bar to drain excess water and to fully dry naturally without sitting in the puddle of water.


304 stainless steel

Product dimensions

(Dia) 11.8 cm  (H) 2.5 cm

Product weight

105 gr



Holder surface finishing


Salt spray test

48 hours (neutral)


Simply wet cloth/sponge with warm water and wipe away dust and dirt


For home/hotel/restaurant bathrooms

English Oak
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