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This Platinum Jubilee Luxury Handmade Natural Soap was created to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen's 70 years on the throne. Sadly, this is the last Jubilee celebration for Her Majesty.


This exquisite fine unisex natural soap featuring royal purple, floral shape, and mild English Lavender scent produces a rich moisturising lather and gently cleanses the skin, leaving your skin supple and revitalised.


Beautifully crafted with symbolic meanings and wider traditions in mind.

They include royal purple colour, lavender for devotion, purple aster flower symbolises wisdom and royalty. The style, elegant design, and fine quality of the natural soap add a sense of regal and majestic in celebrating Her Majesty’s historical milestone.


As natural soap does not expire, it is a meaningful keepsake to keep the memory of Her Majesty alive.


Available for special edition only at a special price

The Platinum Jubilee Luxury Natural Soap


Natural Exfoliating & Purifying Facial/Body/Hand Soap

Organic Oats & Honey, Goat’s Milk & Kaolin Clay

Regal and Majestic

Mild English Lavender Scent

80 gr

English Oak
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