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HAIR is POWER to a man

Updated: Feb 19

Hair and its beauty play a significant role in our identity.

Hair is highly visible; it sits atop our physical body. It is part of our body that is malleable, you can upgrade or downgrade your look simply by maintaining the health and the style of your hair.

Shampoo for hair growth and reducing hair fall

Hair sets the tone for your entire look, as Leonardo da Vinci once stated,

” Hair is essential to a face as a frame is to a picture.”

Best sulfate-free shampoo for curly hair

THEODORE organic shampoo bar
Organic shampoo with jojoba and rosemary oils

Throughout history, hair has played a major role in our society- it is associated with virility and masculinity in men, a symbol of class and social status, intellectual and cultural representations, fashion, ethnicity, authority, and power.

The fact that hair is so important to project our identity, it is regarded as power and strength to a man.

samson delilah, greek statues male

The power and divinity of hair were depicted in ancient Greek mythology, Pterelaus, king of the Taphians was bestowed upon a magic golden hair which made him immortal and unconquerable so long the hair grew. When his betrayal daughter fell in love with the enemy, she severed his hair and rendered him defenceless.

THEODORE, the namesake of the Greek God of beauty takes hair matter seriously.

THEODORE’s mission is to create an organic shampoo bar that elevates your barnet to new heights. Each shampoo bar is nutrient-dense, richly foaming contains a medley of Vitamin B (pantothenic acid) from Greek Yogurt, antioxidant spirulina algae, rosemary extract, jojoba, and argan oils with beauty power embodied in it to maintain luster in your hair with full of volume, leaving a clean scalp and heavenly fresh scent of rainforest.

THEODORE formulated gentle and purifying organic shampoo for all hair types with no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), silicone, parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, alcohol (ethanol), or synthetic fragrances or colourants, and never tested on animals

It is our promise to you to make you have a good hair day.

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